In the current digital era it's hard to imagine an organization without a website. A website is a way to connect with current or potential clients, volunteers or sponsors. It's a way to communicate information about your business and to engage stakeholders. A website with a well designed social media presence can provide amazing results, reflected in your sale numbers or in how effectively your organization delivers on its mission.

We help with all aspects of your website presence by:

  • planning the website by analyzing the audience and the content you are planning to present
  • selecting the right software/solutions (Content Management System) that will match the type of content and audience you are planning to reach
  • selecting hosting platforms to host your website, purchase of the domain names (the website address)
  • helping with content creation and organization on the website
  • planning and implementing website design, with our in-house designers or by using your existing marketing materials or your graphic designers (e.g., see our Re-Designing your Website questionnaire)
  • planning and implementing more advanced website solutions like e-commerce sites (online stores), online donation and payment systems, event registration, volunteer registration, discussion forums, closed content for selected groups of users, online collaboration tools, etc.
  • strategy for Search Engine Optimization to ensure your website can be found on the internet
  • further refinement to the website content and delivery by analysis of site visitors statistics
  • social media strategies that work for your type of business and the audience you aim to reach
  • training on how to use the new systems/software and how to update website content
  • ongoing maintenance, security patches and improvements

For most of our website projects, we use Open Source solutions like Drupal and Wordpress. We can also tap into other solutions to match your organization's unique needs - for example, we use Google Pages, Wordpress hosted solutions, Drupal Gardens, etc.

We use Agile Project Management to support the project implementation process to ensure early results and on-going communication about your business needs.