Technology projects like any other projects require planning and proper execution of that plan to be successful. One of the services we offer is Project Management, to help bridge the gap between our client's current need and the final product. We have over 5 years of experience with Agile Project Management, used to implement several hundred small and large projects. Agile Project Management is a process/method that ensures the project implementation is reviewed often, and the learning from that process is used to improve the final product. Client representatives are involved in the planning and implementation process and the project prototypes are delivered early and are tested immediately against the requirements.

Why did we choose Agile Project Management to manage the projects we work on? Our experience, gained from the several hundred projects we've implemented, is that both the client and the developer learn during project implementation - clients learn about the systems that are implemented and the functionality they can deliver and developers learn about the unique needs of each client. In traditional project management processes, that learning is usually lost or only recognized at the end of the project, when the budget is already spent and the systems have been built. We believe in leveraging Agile Project Management techniques to learn during the project implementation phase and to use that learning to better the outcomes while the project is still in progress.

Why do we think applying what we've learned is valuable? We've seen it happen many times, that the list of client needs/issues to address changed when they were given an opportunity to test the prototype - because their understanding of what the system can do modified their understanding of how the system would address their needs. That's why we deliver a draft version of the solution as early as possible (usually within 2 weeks from the project start date) so that there is plenty of opportunity to test it, learn from it, and adjust to produce a system that answers the most pressing needs.

We use Agile Project Management to implement our projects or we provide our expertise to manage projects delivered by other IT providers. 

We also help write Requests for Proposals and provide an IT assessment to support long term planning technology to support the functioning of your organization.