Many businesses and organizations struggle with planning their IT budgets and implementation of projects related to IT infrastructure, because of the complexity of the systems involved. IT planning should not only consist of the hardware (computers, monitors, printers) and software (operating systems, publishing software, antivirus software), but should incorporate all of an organization's systems, including website presence, social media strategy, data and information storage systems, files system, backup and security policies, etc. Once the IT plan is in place, organizations need ongoing IT support to manage the systems. 

We offer both IT planning services as well as IT support services.

IT plan

For IT planning, we analyze your organization's needs and develop a coherent plan that will take advantage of existing systems/services and incorporate new ones to improve:

  • external communication with customers and stakeholders through website, social media and email systems 
  • internal communication between staff through shared document servers, shared calendars, project planning and tracking systems, time logging systems, data management/information management systems
  • planning and usage of hardware like computers, monitors, printers, scanners, faxes, etc.
  • usage of office productivity software
  • usage of internet services
  • backup and security policies


IT support


Once the IT plan is approved, we offer ongoing support to implement and update it:

  • help with purchase of hardware: computers, tablets, smartphones, monitors, routers, printers, fax, etc.
  • configuration and setup, troubleshooting, repair
  • internet configuration, setup and troubleshooting of office internet, wireless internet, file server/shared drive
  • securing your internet connection
  • regular backup of important data to prevent loss of crucial business information
  • setup of email system

We will take care of all your business IT needs as your budget and your priorities dictate. Give us a call or contact us to get your IT plan started or get IT support for your existing systems.