Through our years of experience working with businesses and non profits, we have seldom had to explain why an organization would need a website, but the benefits of a data management system may not be so obvious. A system that can store your organization's "internal knowledge" like customer data, donors/sponsors data or volunteer data can be wildly beneficial, however, many organizations have yet to take full advantage of IT systems that can support administrative staff in storing and reporting on such important information. Even when an organization understands the need to preserve such data, it is frequently kept in spreadsheets, which makes it difficult to see the multidimensional layers of the information and ways to take advantage of it.

Our expertise in database design and data and information management allows us to offer the following services:

  • design of data/information management systems to collect the information that is crucial to the organization
  • implementation of constituent/client management systems/databases (CRM) like client databases, sponsor/donor databases, volunteer management systems, etc.
  • import of existing data from current sources to the new system
  • reports designed to analyze stored data and to use that information in further actions like targeted mass mailing/newsletter deliveries/reaching out to clients/donors/sponsors/volunteers, etc.
  • training staff on updating information, usage and reporting

As in most of our work, we use Open Source systems to deliver these solutions. For data and information systems, we use CiviCRM or Drupal as the leading systems.