When transitioning to a new system, your organization may face challenges learning how to use it. Without proper training, a new product can be more of a nuisance instead of what was intended - a great tool to help do things easier and more efficiently. Sometimes, a newly implemented system is not used at all because users don't know where to start or feel intimidated by the number of new options and vocabulary used to describe those options. Spending thousands of dollars on a system that isn't used, or isn't used to its fullest extent is a waste of resources. Likewise, without a full understanding of the new system, users may rely on self-discovered "work arounds" to use the new system, which could cause the final results (like reports and stats) to either provide incorrect data or to be too complex to execute.

Kasuwade Solutions provides friendly and experienced trainers to deliver CiviCRM training, Drupal training, Joomla and Wordpress training. We provide online training (webinars) as well as face-to-face training for individuals and groups. We incorporate hands-on elements so that your staff can immediately use the knowledge gained during the training. We tailor the training to your needs and business practices so that your staff learns skills that will be used during every day tasks.

The training we deliver will empower you and your staff to understand the system so that you know what it can do for you and decide how you want to leverage all of its features. We provide different types of training for advanced users, executive staff and day-to-day regular users to match their needs and equip them with tools that help them use the system for their work.