Kasuwade Solutions Inc. is a small company in Ottawa offering a variety of IT services for small businesses and non profits. We collaborate with IT and web/design professionals to deliver solutions that best match your needs.

About Kasia Wakarecy

Kasia Wakarecy has extensive experience in many areas of IT services::
- over 10 years of web development, specializing in Drupal and CiviCRM implementations as well as simple web management in HTML and PHP
- over 5 years of project management experience (tech support & web development), including management of teams of developers to deliver solutions
- over 15 years of IT support, including desktop, network, printers and file servers support
Kasia most recently worked for Freeform Solutions, a leading Canadian non profit IT organization that delivers online solutions to not for profits. Kasia worked there for over seven years as a web developer and project manager. In her role as project manager she managed projects ranging between 20 and 1,000 hours; with some projects spanning across several years. Projects were successfully implemented despite changes in project requirements and staff turnover (within both the client's organization and Freeform Solutions).
Kasia, as a web developer and project manager with a team of developers, has managed the implementation of websites, helped establish social media presence plans, developed e-commerce solutions, online donations and fundraising systems, online events/workshop registrations, resource booking, discussion forums, online learning tools, designed and created customer databases, and developed ways to collect and report on statistical data.

Past projects

From the hundreds of projects Kasia worked at Freeform Solutions, she is most proud of the following:
  • Architecture Canada (Royal Architectural Institute of Canada) - project management and web development. For a project starting from incorrect/incomplete implementation of CiviCRM for members management (developed by 3rd party) to a brand new implementation of most recent CiviCRM system with custom tax solutions supporting Canadian and international members.
  • Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions - public website development and support, project management/developer support for implementation of online event registration system
  • Canadians for Health Research - re-development of a new website in Drupal and ongoing content management support
  • Documentary Organization of Canada - website and membership management system support, both as a web developer and later, as a project manager
  • Ecology Action Centre - project management and developer support for public website and system supporting collection of memberships, online donations, mass-mailing system
  • Edmonton's Food Bank - project management for large, 6+ months/over 500 hour project implementing client database
  • Frontline Partners with Youth - project management and development support for public website and mass-mailing system reaching over 10,000 contacts monthly
  • The Cardiothoracic Surgery Network - one of the largest project management implementations, lasting for 1.5+ year and with over 1,200 hours to implement public website with online profiles functionality for CTSNet members
  • Toronto Community Foundation - project management and development support for several projects at once, implementing several public websites and donor/tax receipt system
  • United Church of Canada - database design and project management support for CiviCRM implementations